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Here are just some of the fantastic leaders confirmed to speak: 

Professor Michael Porter, Harvard Business School 
Professor Elizabeth Teisberg, Value Institute for Health and Care, University of Texas 
Professor Gregory Katz, University Paris Descartes Medical School
James Guttierez, Cleveland Clinic
Francesca Colombo, Health Division at OECD
Chintan Maru, Founder, Leapfrog to Value at The Global Development Incubator
Hamish Laing, Honorary Chair at Digital Inclusion Alliance for Wales
Joseph Casey, King’s Health Partners
Fabian Bolin, War On Cancer
Chorh Chuan Tan, National University of Singapore
Stanley Huff, Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Intermountain Healthcare
Vivian S Lee, Author, The Long Fix: Solving America’s Health Care Crisis, Pres Verily Health Platforms (Alphabet), Sr Lecturer Harvard